2014-15 Basketball Division V, Section I

Congrats to Hopi High Student Athletes for being selected to the Division V, Section I All Section Team and Honorable Mention.


2nd Team - Taminny Laragutierrez

Honorable Mention - Ryesa Howato

Honorable Mention - Shanna Kooyaquaptewa

Honorable Mention - Taylor Seechoma


Honorable Mention - Isaah Panana

Honorable Mention - Andre Lucas

Honorable Mention - Ronald Laban


Saturday's Athletic Events (3/21)

HS Baseball @ Tuba City Tourney - First game 6:30 am



Jr. High Baseball and Softball games for Thursday 3/19, have been cancelled.

High School Athletic Info

Hopi High School is a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA).  We participate in a number of Divisions, depending upon the sport.  Listed below are the Divisions and Sections which Hopi participates in:

Fall Sports  *will be changing for school year 15-16

Football - Division V, Section I

Volleyball - Division IV, Section I

Cross Country - Division IV, Section I


Winter Sports   *will be changing for school year 15-16

Basketball - Division III, Section I

Wrestling - Division IV, Section I


Spring Sports   *will be changing for school year 15-16

Softball - Division III, Section I

Baseball - Division III, Section I

Track & Field - Division III










Jr. High Athletic Info

Hopi Jr. High School is a member of the Northern Arizona Interscholastic Conference (NAIC).  The conference is made up of approximately 19 schools from the Hopi and Navajo Nations.  The NAIC is comprised of two divisions.  Division I encompasses the larger schools and Division II is comprised of smaller schools.  Hopi competes in Division I, for all sports, within the NAIC.

Mission Statement

We, the members of the Northern Arizona Interscholastic Association, in oder to develop a spirit of healthy competition, goodwill, and fellowship in our students; to teach the fundamentals of the individual sport; to establish an efficient system of cooperation in the athletic programs of all member schools; to develop team work, sportsmanship, a safe athletic environment, citizenship and character-building in our students; to enhance the academic program do hereby create, adopt and defend this constitution.


In order to accomplish this mission, we hereby adopt the following goals:

1. League coaches will make every effort to play every uniformed participant.

2. Each league school will encourage maximum participation by all eligible students in their school.

3. All league schools will encourage high academic performance by assuring that all athletes meet the minimum Arizona State Athletic Academic Requirements.

Contact Info:

Athletic Director

Athletic Administrative Assistant