Athletics Department


Bruins Athletics Policies

Welcome to the Bruin Athletic Program. We are delighted that you and your child have made the choice to participate in athletics at Hopi Jr./Sr. High School.

Hopi Jr./Sr. High School's primary objective is to provide each student with an academic foundation which will lead to his/her success after graduation.  Additionally, we believe that athletics is an essential part of the preparation and maturation for many students.  Athletics teaches many beneficial foundational skills: leadership, perseverance, teamwork, dedication, responsibility, problem solving, attitude and sportsmanship.  In addition, the personal relationships and memories of the games remain with us for a lifetime.  Hopi Jr/Sr High School wants the best for you, the teams at Hopi, and the communities.  Again, we would like to welcome you to Bruin athletics.  Have a great year and best of luck in your endeavors!

A Bruin athlete, manager, or any other student participating, is expecting and required to: Abide by all school regulations, attend on time and pass all classes, be drug free, attend all practices and contests and conduct themselves in a positive manner in all areas. A Bruin athlete is to emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, fair play and to regrain from the use of profanities.  Work hard and be proud of your accomplishments!